Monday, April 21, 2008

Vote Beggin', New GingerDead and Muffin Tops for Charity

Well, it's time to cast your votes for the Merovingi Fashion Awards. Nocturnal Threads was nominated for the Best in Goth label and needs your votes to win. The prize is a 20" iMac! I'd appreciate your support. You simply have to swing by and click the black vote box, wait a moment for the blue menu to appear and choose Nocturnal Threads. It will then ask you to confirm your vote, click yes and your all done. You can pick up the LM at my main store. Here is the Slurl. I hope I'm typing this correctly:

While you are over at the Merovingi Fashion Award sim, you can check out some of my newest releases and the special outfit I did to raise money for Doctors without Borders and the American Cancer Society. Instead of a show-offy fancy pants gown like a lot of designers do for these things, I went with something silly to make you smile. :) Presenting Muffin Top - All proceeds go to the aforementioned organizations - available at my main store in Pimushe or at my Merovingi Display in Rhodium.

More Releases! Two new additions to the GingerDead Collection. Unisex Jammy set - GingerDead Have a Heart Jammies. It comes with top, 2 sizes of pants (loose or tight, plus they are mod anyway) and Lenoir Slippers. The artwork is directly from my webcomic, specifically the haiku comic entitled Happy Place. One of my favorites.

Next up is GingerDead Carnivale. This one has one small image of GingerDead on the back of the shirt. 95% of the rest of the outfit is pulled from hand drawn designs I made for the Freak Show poster style comic I did recently on I'm really happy with this one. Hope you dig it as much as I do. :)

That's all for now. I really appreciate you guys. Thanks in advance for taking the time to vote. You have only a few days to do it so don't wait. :)


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