Monday, April 16, 2007

Black Parade

I fell in love with the jackets My Chemical Romance wears. The Black Parade video rocks only because of those jackets...okay, maybe not, but it's a great example of how fashion helps create the mood. Pure avant-goth style here. You know I am pretty sure I coined that term a few months back. I researched it and everything. I had to come up with a phrase to describe my style and I thought that was the greatest phrase. It's pretty cool to see it starting to pop up now in other places. Anyways, here's my rendition of 'The Black Parade' in his and hers options. Available at Nocturnal Threads and on SLex. I hope you enjoy. :)


Blogger My Chemical Romance Fan said...

Haha avant-goth, cool phrase you got there ^^ I quite like those jackets My Chemical Romance wear - I totally want one for myself =] Check out my blog at My Chemical Blog

4:01 AM  

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