Thursday, May 25, 2006

Silent No Longer

Do I really want to open my skull and invite passersby to sift through my cerebral cesspool? It seems somewhat arrogant to assume anyone would even want to. Yet, a few moments ago I found myself registering for a blogger account and here I am searching for something useful to say.

I suppose I can start this thing by stating what purpose this blog will serve. Occasionally, I do have observations or anecdotes about my Second Life from the general observations of a resident to experiences as a business owner and designer. Since a fair amount of contacts I have made have expressed an interest in my work on GingerDead and friends, I will keep you posted on developments. General news and announcements will be on my website, but here I can elaborate and get feedback. I may post general life topics I feel like ranting about or discussing, but I promise not to be a blog that shares daily toils that are completely of no interest to anyone but me. You know like, "dear blog, today it is raining. I ate an egg sammich at waffle house and it was too runny. waaah." No, I wont be going there.