Friday, April 27, 2007

RezDay, Clothing Fair, SLRFL

So, yesterday was my 2nd rezday. Honestly, I feel like I've been in SL a lot longer than 2 years. I guess it's that bizarre time aspect in SL. You know the one that makes people fall madly in love, get SL married and divorced in the course of 3 weeks. Anyway, I wanted to thank everyone that's been supportive of me as a designer since I started. I was making outfits on day 3 of joining and opened my store about a month into being here. Nocturnal Threads is a major part of my SL and now my RL as well. To celebrate I made some silly balloons which are currently available in my main store until whenever. Just click the sign and wear.

So this year, the fashion designers and fashionistas get a fair of their own. The Clothing Fair started yesterday and will go on through the 30th. You can vote for your favorite designer at any of the vote kiosks. The Fair is split into two sims - Heaven and Hell. Guess where Nocturnal Threads is? hehe. While I appreciate your vote for best designer, even better is your money. O.o No silly, not for me. Make a donation to SL Relay for Life at any of the donation kiosks, buy a limited edition design from one of the fabulous designers in which all proceeds go to RFL.

Since many are doing elaborate gowns for 1k or so, I decided to make something really affordable and transferable so you can buy as a gift. My Indian Summer outfit sells a lot, so I did a version of it in RFL colors called Summer Plum. The 350 L$ donation goes straight to RFL. So far this year, Second Lifers have raised over 50K USD! The Clothing Fair is hoping to really make the numbers spike, so consider donating if you can.

That's all for now. I hope to see you at the Fair. I've been swinging by as much as possible and meeting people. Many have commented that they don't often get to meet the designers so I think it's a nice opportunity to do so. I saw a few other designers hanging out so take advantage of the opportunity to say hi, ask us questions, whatever. :) If you see me hanging out and want to buy something, let me know. I'm willing to let you pay the RFL kiosk instead of the vendor and I'll drop the outfit on you. Just one more way of raising money. But, please only if you see me hanging out there. I can't take dozens of IMs or track donations otherwise. It would make me mental. :P

Ciao for now. Thanks again for your continued support of Nocturnal Threads!

<3 kaia

Monday, April 16, 2007

Black Parade

I fell in love with the jackets My Chemical Romance wears. The Black Parade video rocks only because of those jackets...okay, maybe not, but it's a great example of how fashion helps create the mood. Pure avant-goth style here. You know I am pretty sure I coined that term a few months back. I researched it and everything. I had to come up with a phrase to describe my style and I thought that was the greatest phrase. It's pretty cool to see it starting to pop up now in other places. Anyways, here's my rendition of 'The Black Parade' in his and hers options. Available at Nocturnal Threads and on SLex. I hope you enjoy. :)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bad Gretel and Retro Babydolls!

What do you get when you add Punk and Goth and cross it with a Biergarten Girl? Bad Gretel! This set has various pieces to create different looks. Too many combinations to fit on one ad. I loved the stockings so much I wanted them as boots and thought you might too, so you get a thigh boot version of the stockings as shown. So far everyone who has previewed it has commented on the stockings/boots and sleeves. I'm quite pleased with this set. It's pure Nocturnal Threads' avant goth style with a touch of humor. Second Life rocks because we can drape our virtual bodies in pop surrealism.

This Friday at the fabulous Catwalk City is a Spring Fling fashion show. To capture the 1960's and Spring theme of the event I did two babydoll dresses with matching bangle bracelets. I actually made the pink one first and loved it so much I had to do another using this season's must have color: cobalt blue. Blue Fling will be making it's way down the runway Friday night. Both sets are available at my main store and Catwalk City as well as SLexchange.