Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Leeloo Revisited and Casual Guys

Remember this?
Well, some of you have mentioned that the bandage set would rock your socks off if it was in black. I heard you and put together a new set called Leeloo Noir. It includes the bandage set only in black leather straps. I always thought the original set in the film needed something on the arms, but I refrained because I was intent on replicating the wardrobe. This time I get to sway. ;) So, I included arm bandage/straps with built in black polish. If you feel a bit shy, you can throw on the micro mini matching flex skirt I added and if you are feeling super shy you can wear the pants i also included. They are really similar to the ones worn in the Fifth Element but in a deep steel tone to stay with the noir concept. If you go for the pants look, I recommend you wear the panties as it will complete the top seamlessly. Otherwise the top ends oddly. Without the panties, the pants are a nice semi low ride that are neutral enough to look killer with any shirt in your wardrobe. I hope you enjoy this set. :)

Guys, I didn't forget you this week. The last two sets have been pretty fancy, so I thought I'd put something casual together for you. Some of you have an aversion to color, so you get the skull knit shirt in both blues and greys. The deep blue/black pants have a metallic skull band because, well you seem to like that kinda thing. :P

It looks like I may be getting involved in a large project that I can't discuss right now. If so, it will keep me slammed through the remainder of this month. So, if you don't see new releases for a couple of weeks, it's not because I'm slacking or don't care, I'm just really busy. I'll try to update but if I can't I'll come back with a vengeance in early April. GingerDead and Friends, will continue to update weekly. I'm hope you are digging the recent little story arc. If I have succeeded it's proving to be not only humorous, but a little thought provoking as well. :)

Ciao for now.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

In Like a Lion...RAWR!

Not really. I remember when I lived in New York, suffering through March's bitter cold mumbling 'in like a lion, out like a lamb' in my mind to reassure myself warmer days were coming soon. Here in Florida, March is lovely. I cherish the cool weather because the summers are brutal. This time of year, I get the rare treat of opening up windows to let in actual fresh air. Once the heat kicks in, it will be many months before the air feels refreshing and crisp. So while those of us in warmer climates bask in the glory of March, the rest of you hang in there, spring's on it's way.

I've been really busy this month. Some of my smaller shops scattered around the grid needed to be moved, new locations set up and one of my comicker friends had some heavy real life stuff to tend to, so I went on a mission to gather guest strips from other comic pals and did two of my own, so his comic wouldn't miss a beat. I ended up falling a bit behind in my own, so I've been working on getting a week or two ahead. It's just too stressful to wait until just before update day to create a strip. After some toiling, I'm just about ready for the next two GingerDead and Friends updates and can refocus my attention to Nocturnal Threads.

I did an interview with Madison over at the Metaverse Messenger who ended up featuring me in the designer spotlight and also did an article on the GingerDead collection this week. You can read the article here. I think it's my favorite one yet.

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, here's some stuff available in the main store. The beanie caps with hair have been available for some time in various colors, but now you can get them with black/green hair. Hooo!