Sunday, June 10, 2007

New Noir

There's something very beautiful about black and white in SL. Don't get me wrong, I like color, but in SL I can throw on a gorgeously shaded greyscale skin and equally desaturated clothing and it's like I'm walking film noir or an animated illustration. Anyway, I enjoyed making these items. I am modeling the girls stuff with skins by Pixel Dolls and my male avatar is wearing one of my faves from Munchflower (nomine).

The GingerDead Death Play set features some artwork from my webcomic and the design is also available on apparel in the really real world. Just visit and click on the store link.

Whisper comes in a girls version ( fully loaded with mini skirt and pants options, plus a cute shrug style jacket) and guys version. Sometimes, I make something for the guys and fall in love with the textures so much I want to be able to have more options than just wearing the guys set and modifying the fit of the pants. This was one of those times and I'm pretty thrilled with the results. I guess I'm not alone as a designer when I admit that I more or less design for myself. I make stuff I want to wear and hope that others might like it too. Lucky for me that's usually the case. :P

Sorry for the span that's passed since the last update but stuffs been a little crazy. I'm still working on a large project and recently had to have a procedure on one of my retinas. Ouchies! Anyway, it's great to be able to offer some new stuff. Thanks for reading. :)