Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Kool Aid, Wicked Witches and Steampunk

Those are some of the influences in this week's new releases. I like taking a pop surrealist approach to fashion. Pulling in color or style elements from things we see in everyday life, turning kitsch into chic, using processed sugary childhood drinks to inspire a color palette., etc. Anyway, I hope you like these.

GingerDead fans, be sure to stop by the comic this week because it's haiku time once again. Your haiku comments win you virtual hugs and interwebz fame.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


A new addition to the Nocturnal Threads' GingerDead Collection, Lenoir Chomp! features two renderings of Lenoir from my webcomic on the front and back. The artwork comes specifically from this strip. There are a lot of sweet little details to this set like black beads on the vest, sleeve pockets, argyle sockies with tiny hearts and another heart emblem on the glove. It has an adorable school girl feel, but with a GingerDead twist. Enjoy. :)

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Back (but not necessarily) in Black

Sorry for the meager updates in January and lack of blahgging. I spent a lot of time on getting a bit ahead on my webcomic, did two guest artist/comicker appearances and marketed like crazy. I needed that time, but I missed designing. It's good to be back.

If you haven't checked out the GingerDead collection lately, you haven't seen VenBowler. This one is inspired by the bowling shirts of the 1940's and 50's. The design on the back comes off the virtual pages of GingerDead and Friends. This particular strip showed how Vendetta dreams of growing up to become a Suicide Girl. The back of the bowler has the pin-up of Ven from my comic. The strip got some attention when someone posted it on the Suicide Girl's community pages. I had sent an email to the PR people just letting them know I was mentioning them on the comic and I received an email a few days later asking for an address to send some swag to. A big package came yesterday and it's awesome. I got bunches of goodies! :)

Dash is made for the guys, but can look great on girls too, by simply modifying the fit of the pants. It combines classic and modern cuts and fabrics. My vamp and goth boys should be happy with this one. It's very yesterday today, if you know what I mean.

After all the drawing I did in January, I found myself taking a more painterly approach to designs. These next two girls pant-sets reflect this. Petal has a very modern look to it I think. The image I wanted to present was sexy, strong and stylish. The color I used was inspired by some flowers I happened upon. It's a dusky sort of lavender-pink. I really love it coupled with deep charcoals.

The painting approach is more obvious in Whimsical where i drew florals and spirals and shaded them like I would if I were painting on canvas. The name describes the mood I was in while creating this set. For some reason it was one of the most relaxing and fun designs I've done in a while. I was almost sorry when it was completed. I plan on exploring art on my fashion designs more and perhaps something fabulous will come out of it. Maybe not, but i'm going to play with it anyway. It's my damn world and my imagination, afterall. :P

That's all I have at the moment. Now go do something fun and creative like post a haiku here.