Thursday, May 10, 2007


It's not a new strain of food poisoning, it's a darling new set.

I was playing in Artrage trying to paint some textures to work with and came up with this palette. Vivid soft salmony shades and ebony make this outfit really pop. It includes the jacket with a flexi ruffle collar, micro mini flexi skirt, panties/skirt base, stockings with sockies overlay, and cute studded wristbands with matching nailpolish.

I'm wearing Drew hair from Panache in peach tips. I find their soft peach tones work well with this set. I don't know about you but I like matching my hair to my clothing.

I'm about to launch into an SL project that's outside of Nocturnal Threads which will most likely mean no updates for a week or so. It's a pretty cool challenge for me and when I can I'll share more details with you.

GingerDead and Friends is still going strong. I did haiku's the last two weeks so if you enjoy poetry, check out the comic and read the awesome haiku responses in the comments section. I have some seriously talented readers. They make me realize I need to step up my game.

The Merovingi Clothing Fair was a great success. We raised a ton of money for Relay for Life. To everyone who stopped by and chatted with me, it was great to meet you all. I'll definitely participate in next years. For the first clothing fair and an event this size, I'm wildly impressed with how well it was done and can only imagine how awesome it will be next year.

That's it for now. ;)